Amelia: A Monsters & Girls book
By Denis W. St. John

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Meet Amelia, a beautiful raven haired femme fatale. Watch her seduce and sleep with the sleazy old man known only as The Mustache Man, a one eyed antiques dealer, in order to steal a strange object from his bedroom. A tablet with a carved eye on the center and intricate patterns radiating out. Amelia wants to collect three such patterned objects, the tablet, a box, and a knife. As she tries to sneak out of The Mustache Man's apartment she encounters a creeping voyeur who looks like a nosferatu and just happens to be her little brother, Sammy! Amelia finds a flowery infection growing out from her stomach that resembles the pattern on the objects. Then things get weird. "What makes (Amelia) so enjoyable is St. John's mixture of body horror, the humor of awkwardness, and sex. These comics are a love letter to many influences (including H.P. Lovecraft's fiction and David Cronenberg's films), but the biggest influence seems to be the horror comics of EC. In particular, Jack Davis seems to be a big influence here, and that can be seen in the way St. John draws his figures with slightly distorted facial features. "- Rob Clough (comics reviewer, High-low) "if (Richard) Sala's comics are a dark, crooked lane off the mainstream, St. John's work is a darker, crookeder alley off of that, and I think many Sala fans would find it well worth exploring." -Curt Purcell (The Groovy Age of Horror)